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Passion is a powerful driving force within the realms of creativity, whilst ingenuity transforms an idea into reality.  Behold, when passion and ingenuity collide . . . it is of that moment an iconic element of luxury is born. 


JASMINE NYE, a name synonymous with timeless opulence, undisputable craftsmanship and classic heritage, embraces glamour beyond limits.



JASMINE NYE is a women’s luxury accessories brand with an eye-catching persona; taking glamour to new heights and way beyond limits with distinctive collections of exquisite minaudières - a bejewelled, box clutch evening bag originally fashioned in the art deco era, which has inspired the brand’s inimitable, Swarovski crystal-adorned evening clutches.  As lavish as a piece of fine jewellery, the JASMINE NYE minaudière is a statement piece that dazzles with sumptuous detailing and undisputable craftsmanship.  A perfectly proportioned accessory whose presence emboldens that little black dress and creates an air of drama and beauty to a special occasion outfit.  No stranger to red carpet events, high-calibre occasions, weddings, galas and ceremonies, JASMINE NYE evening purses emblazon the style of A-list celebrities and Hollywood royalty, fashion’s glitterati and style connoisseurs who appreciate a bespoke accessory that packs a powerful dose of bling.


The spirit of JASMINE NYE stems from the desire of its Lebanese born founder and creative director, Rola Hamade, to recreate a modern heirloom of unique aesthetic that will glide through generations: its presence elegant yet playful, subtle yet striking; an essential treasure to have and to hold. The luxe brand epitomises elegance with attitude, with nostalgia being a vital, inspirational element that is ever-present. 


“I started out with baby steps, exploring the market to find a niche through which I could break in with a singular accessory that would be of significant value and striking aesthetic.  With more in-depth research I learnt about the minaudière and its evolution and came to love this captivating

and timeless accessory”. RH.


The name JASMINE NYE has its own story to tell. Whilst the idea of starting her own business was only an ambitious twinkle in the creative director’s eye, Rola became pregnant with twins.  JASMINE and NYE were to be the chosen names of anticipated twin daughters.  However, as fate would have it, twin boys arrived and the precious names were set aside until the creative dream became a reality and the brand-new, luxury label JASMINE NYE was born.


The brand’s forward thinking has been cultivated from its founder’s personal backdrop where determination, hard work and a motivation to succeed are fundamental qualities that carve a path to achievement. A definitive passion for creativity, beauty and style, eventually steered the designer from her previous career as a corporate professional in the finance and banking sector to take up the challenges of creating a quality brand.  The JASMINE NYE work ethic is to deliver a product of outstanding quality.


“I have always valued craftsmanship and cherished the dexterity of refined design”. RH


Influenced by the elegance and style of her mother from whom she learnt handmade, artisanal crafts, including garment construction and sewing techniques, and with an instinctive eye for beauty and style, it is no wonder that the minaudière, an enchanting, feminine and functional ‘objet d’art’ appeals to Rola’s creative intuition. Her objective as founder and the creative driving force of JASMINE NYE is to primarily produce a valuable and timeless possession.


“I never compromise on originality and quality. For me they are not accessories – they are jewellery. Something that transforms any outfit into a grand statement. Timeless pieces that can pass from generation to generation.  An heirloom that can sit in your closet for years yet will always be stylish”. RH


The brand concept is to reflect the personality of its clients.  Who is the JASMINE NYE woman?

A portrayal of every lively, energetic and confident woman with a unique drive for self-expression; she is ageless, empowered, charismatic, sophisticated and resilient. JASMINE NYE is every woman. She who pursues ‘Glamour Beyond Limits’ will not be disappointed.


“When I’m designing, I’m inspired by the many personas of a woman – classic, elegant, adventurous, daring and chic, and with this in mind I create the collection”.  RH


Working closely with her team of artisans, each opulent evening bag is individually handcrafted and embedded with elements of the renowned Austrian Swarovski crystals.  Taking several days of intense and extraordinary craftsmanship to apply each individual crystal by hand to produce a JASMINE NYE minaudière, results in the encrusted, jewelled effect which adds a unique intricacy and subtleness to each individual evening clutch.  The distinct minaudière shapes include a sassy square, an edgy rectangle, delightful bean, elegant oval and a particularly adorable heart shape; all available in an enticing kaleidoscope of dazzling colours, bestowing rainbows of Champagnes; Hot Pinks; Bronzes; Sky Blues; Rich Golds; Ruby Reds; Jades and Emerald Greens; Mother of Pearl; Petal Shade Pastels; Disco Silvers; Midnight Navy and Jet Black . . . The list is infinite.  Such a host of exquisite colours and intricate features serve to highlight the JASMINE NYE brand’s identity.


“When something is handcrafted, it has a special touch, a certain spirit and is more personal. The association between JASMINE NYE and the jewelled minaudière is fundamental to the brand’s image and recognition; what I like to describe as ‘the brand specialty’. RH


JASMINE NYE launches two seasonal collections each year to complement its capsule collection of favourite pieces; whilst limited edition creations appear at intervals.  A myriad of JASMINE NYE accessories stands out amidst seasons’ trends worldwide, displaying a veritable feast of functional art not unlike exhibitions of exotic jewellery.  Inspired by elements of beauty, nature, abstract art and an eclectic mix of cultural influences, the collections include ‘Classic with a Twist’ offering a raindrop explosion of crystals bleeding divine colour: ‘Select’ where geometric and abstract shapes create optical illusions and striking, swirling motifs dance novel and vibrant. ‘Monochrome’ parades its sleek, standalone colour while confidently bursting with sparkle.


To hold a JASMINE NYE minaudière is to experience Swarovski’s sensual elements; to open the exquisite jewel clasp and peek inside is to discover a lush metallic leather lining; a discreet, detachable shoulder chain provides an optional hands-free extra, while meticulous attention to detail in the design and workmanship completes the sensation.


Accompanying the range of speciality minaudières, is a deluxe collection of seriously chic, soft-to-the-touch metallic leather clutches, in eye-watering shades. As with the minaudières, these are perfectly sized to transport an evening’s worth of essentials - one of which must be a divine JASMINE NYE Swarovski crystal card holder for an extra little dash of functional luxe and more than a handful of glitz - the ultimate style statement proving yet again, glamour has no limits within the realms of JASMINE NYE.


“While always respecting the brand’s aesthetic, my aim is to consistently deliver a strong collection and convey a clear mood, whilst enhancing the brand’s global appeal”. RH


JASMINE NYE has been well received since its inception and popularity continues to soar, having set out with a solid, word-of-mouth fan base and a loyal, regional cult following. High demand has since seen the brand rapidly expand into the global arena of luxury accessories, having found its niche market with clients who appreciate the worth of owning a distinctive possession. High-calibre, international stores and exclusive boutiques now stock the brand’s designer accessories line, such as Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Rubaiyat, Le Dix, 51 East among others; and encouraging attention gained from the style and fashion media including Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia and Glam magazines, plus regular appearances at Film and Fashion Awards in the clutches of movie blockbuster leading ladies, emphasise the potential of the brand’s unique appeal, as well as its rising prominence amongst fashion accessories experts and enthusiasts alike.


To differentiate the brand from its designer counterparts and in total contrast to mass produced, women’s fashion accessories, JASMINE NYE offers unique made-to-order and custom-made services to suit a range of client requests.  Alongside its acclaimed collections and retail popularity, JASMINE NYE focuses on its fundamental bespoke design, whereby individual clients can work with the brand’s creative director to customise either a minaudière or a bejewelled card holder.   With a flexible approach to design, the brand is proud of its exclusive business-to-consumer (B2C) model - engaging and co-designing with an avid, sophisticated clientele, who delight in the uniqueness and quality of a personally created heirloom that will embody the client’s own persona. To personalise a unique item of value is to transform it into something remarkable. Authenticity is a key element throughout JASMINE NYE’s design concept and workmanship.


JASMINE NYE is laser-focused on providing no less than a five-star service, to fulfil the high expectations of its prestigious clientele.  Dedication and commitment to client desires list high on the brand’s agenda, as does acknowledgement of the need for consumer accessibility. Hence the brand’s constant and visible presence at regional outlets, international stores and online platforms, all of which offer a broad spectrum of options for a luxury minaudière shopping spree.


JASMINE NYE is a brand with a positive outlook. As its reputation and geographical expansion continues to flourish, its future shines as bright as its sparkling accessories.

JASMINE NYE is still at its infancy stage, growing organically. I feel there is a long way to go to achieve all that I have set out to do.

Staying true to myself, I will continue to work hard and stay humble”. 


Rola Hamade, Founder and Creative Director of JASMINE NYE.

Words by Judi Jones

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